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Festival of outdoor learning

Annual Festival of Outdoor Learning 21-22 February 2015

A Great CPD Opportunity for Outdoor Professionals, Teachers, Youth Workers and Anyone With A General Interest In The Outdoors. Now in it's 9th year!

A mix of workshops and informal networking that will give you plenty of new ideas both conceptual and practical.

Only £80 for the whole weekend - includes 4 workshops, accommodation and meals during the event. The festival takes place at Hollowford and is always a sellout. So, please book early to avoid disappointment.


Workshops confirmed so far;

Last few places available, don't leave too late and miss out. The Festival WILL sell out.

Previous quotes

“Talking about things like this (spirituality) in public is more challenging to me than the thought of climbing Everest”

“It (the workshop) brought me a greater understanding of Facilitation and some new tools”

“I just want to say thank you. I think you’ve saved my marriage in the workshop this morning”

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Saturday Evening; Empowering Young People - Roger Orgill MBE

The greatest asset and future of any society or culture must surely be the well being and development of its young people. To what extent is Outdoor Learning contributing to this need in the complex and changing world of today?

As with previous festivals Saturday is always very informal, other things going on during Saturday evening will include; music making around the fire & storytelling. Or you may just prefer a chance for a chat and catch up in the bar which will be well stocked with local real ales and some "proper" cider.

Roger Orgill

Felting workshop - Jo Hanney

This is an opportunity to learn the art of felting wool. As felting is a very simple craft, it can be used with a variety of groups of all abilities. It is a wonderfully tactile, messy and creative process. In the workshop we will use the scenery of the peak district as inspiration to make a small felted landscape picture. We will explore other felting projects that could be used in your work.

Jo Hanney works for the Peak District National Authority in the Learning and Discovery Team. She has worked for a number of years at the Longdendale Environmental Centre in the north of the Park, delivering environmental education to school groups. She also works with family and community groups to provide opportunities for discovering the Peak District National Park.

Friction Fire Lighting - Dave Watson

A great development training tool

Taking the principles of the Bow Drill and the Hand Drill we will look at just how amazingly versatile it can be depending on the ages, abilities as well as the focus your group has. From a young child needing to have fun as they learn to a group of managers needing to depend on each other Dave will go through some of the many ways we can inspire everyone.

Knife Skills - Dave Watson

Fancy, Decorative, Practical

Create a wide variety of small products e.g. simple flowers, feathersticks, long shavings using a knife. Dave will show you a variety of techniques as well as how to choose the correct wood. Confidence and being creative is the focus. You will also be shown how to sharpen your knife successfully

Dave Watson LPIOL has been teaching Bushcraft to all ages and abilities since 1995 making him one of the longest established companies in the UK. His focus is always to make things understandable, adapting as required until it is workable for you, the customer. In 2007 he instigated the IOL Bushcraft Special Interest Group encouraging safe competent standards and forming the Foundational Bushcraft Competency Certification approved by the IOL.

Dave Watson

Fire! - Mell Harrison

How to have 100% success rate with children and young people using fire steels, by using a child centred approach. Fire is primal and is an amazing tool that helps us reconnect to nature and ourselves. This session will include a look at the science of fire, what makes good tinder. How to make char-cloth and a play with different tinders. A practical session with some time to reflect on the different ways of teaching the skills for different age groups and abilities. Mell is Education Director at Ringsfield Eco Centres in Suffolk, Mell is currently short listed for LOtCl award of 'Inspiring educator' for Outstanding Contribution to LOtC.

Sit Spots - Mell Harrison

Sit Spots or Magic Spots are times of solitude in the natural world, sharpening non-verbal skills like watching and waiting, silencing and stilling, opening and receiving, reflecting on and articulating silence and interconnectedness. A magic Spot or Sit Spot is an important part of our experience of the natural world; it is for many also an introduction to solitude and opens up questions about ourselves and the 'wild'. Mell Harrison has been using magic spots within her practice for over 10 years and has received feed back from hundreds of children about their experiences. This session will look at the importance of being alone in nature and how that brings a chance for personal reflection in, what is at times a busy and chaotic world.

Technical, Tactical, Psychological and Physical - Caroline Carr

This workshop will focus on how we can explore approaches to enable young people to challenge themselves in outdoor learning environments.

Through introducing a range of practical outdoor teambuilding activities participants will explore how we can provide strategies to support children in developing positive approaches to learning. We will further introduce activities as to how we can review the learning process

Caroline Carr is director of Outdoor Learning Consultancy Ltd, a provider of outdoor & environmental education and training. OLC aims to support teachers in developing and high quality teaching & learning in outdoor environments, whether in be in school grounds, local environments or wider & remote locations.

Caroline Carr

Making the most of a residential: the lessons from the Learning Away study - Chris Loynes

Learning Away has been a five-year initiative in partnership with 63 schools across the country to develop and evaluate what makes a 'brilliant' residential. The final report will be published in summer 2015. Among the many findings are a number of outcomes that providers of residential experiences could adopt to enhance the already considerable impact of the experiences they provide.

  • How does Learning Away improve results in school?
  • How long does a trip need to be to have impact?
  • How do you take families on residentials? What's the benefit of that?
  • How can you take year 2 away (you can take year 1 as well!)?
  • How did two days away inspire year 6 boys to read - and write?

Chris Loynes is one of the educational advisors working with Paul Hamlyn Foundation on the Learning Away initiative.

Learning away

Delivering Community Solutions using Restorative Practice - Dave Rawding

Dave's workshop will introduce what Restorative Practice is and use some practical exercises to explain the underlying principles. He will then describe what the Hull Programme contains and how it is progressively increasing collaboration and benefits between the projects.

Dave has recently retired after a 30-year police career and is now the local coordinator for the Rank Foundation and Esmee Fairbairn Foundations 'Hull Community Development Programme'.

Dave's last police role was as the Chief Inspector Neighbourhood Police Lead in Hull. When he worked closely with partners to align working practices, particularly in relation to dealing with ASB and youth offending. He was instrumental in establishing a sustainable citywide Safer School's Partnership and improving engagement with the community.

Dave Rawding

Model of Change - Incorporating a Three Phased Approach to Quality Provision - Phil Briggs

In these times of financial restrictions, local authority and government cuts force us to find alternative ways of securing funding and reassessing programme delivery. Venture Trust has evolved over the last few years from purely providing wilderness based personal development programmes for some of the most venerable and harder to reach individuals, to its present model of three phased development programmes.

This workshop will look at the functionality and logic models adopted by Venture Trust, examining how these models can be adapted to meet the needs of your organisation.

Phil is an experienced outdoor practitioner and has been has been actively involved in the outdoor industry for over 20 years he specialises in wilderness personal development programmes, working with vulnerable and at risk groups.

Natural Navigation - Tristan Gooley

In this workshop Tristan Gooley gives an introduction to the subject of natural navigation. Tristan is the founder of a natural navigation school and author of The Natural Navigator and The Walker's Guide to Outdoor Clues & Signs books.

All you have ever wanted to know about expedition planning but haven't had the chance to ask. - Nigel Vardy & Chris Groves

Since a Raleigh International expedition to Chile in 1994 I have taken part in many expeditions and adventures around the world. Through expeditions I can fulfil my childhood dream of exploring our fragile planet and its many wonders. I have travelled to many parts of the globe including South East Asia, North and South America, the Arctic and Europe, and worked with many different peoples on such projects as health surveys, improving fresh water supplies and teaching local schoolchildren.

In 1999 I suffered severe frostbite whilst climbing on Mt. McKinley in Alaska, and after three years recovering from my injuries I returned to high altitude and climbed Island Peak in Nepal. I have now completed a British first - to climb the highest peaks on the worlds seven largest islands.

Chris also started with Raleigh and has worked for a number of youth expedition providers. In recent years he has led commercial trips to high altitude mountains worldwide including 3 different 8000m peaks.

nigel vardy

Woodland Detective - Ian Cresswell

This year Ian Cresswell from Lonescout Bushcraft will be taking you on a short walk. During the walk he will be sharing some of his skills and experiences of tracking, from 'nature CSI' with young people to finding wayward orienteers! Ian uses a flexible approach to planned sessions enabling people to get the most out of their experience. Expect to learn lots and have some fun at the same time.

lindley educational trust

Biomimicry: Learning from Natures Genius - Sophie Nicol & Katy Egan

An engaging hands on workshop that introduces the concept of Biomimicry through simple fun activities that can be used with groups to engage and link science, nature and through technology through exploring our relationship with nature and technology.

What can we learn from nature?

Resonant Leadership for the Outdoors - David Steare

The importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) for leadership success can also be applied to instructing and coaching. In this fun and challenging experiential workshop the four quadrants of 'Resonant Leadership' will be explored in terms of outdoors instructing and peer mentoring. Blindfolds, eggs, 2p coins, flipchart paper, pens and handouts will be provided. However, sticks and stones etc. will need collecting for the outdoors parts of the session!

David is now semi-retired but enjoys relationship coaching and voluntary work with community groups. He hosts the 'Relationability' and 'Well-being in Nature' Facebook pages.

Hollowford outdoor centre

Environmental Learning - Ian Coxan

The Outdoor Learning Cards activities contribute directly to a wide range of educational and development aims for young people and cover four elements of Outdoor Learning that can be delivered on a school/youth club site and surrounding environment:

  • Orienteering - developing good map reading skills
  • Team Building and Problem Solving - how to challenge your young people
  • Bouldering - Use of low level climbing walls
  • Journeying - Local visits organised by young people

The pack consists of 50 Cards are supported by a Handbook and CD that provide detailed information on all aspects of activity delivery. With creativity and innovation it is possible that you could get approximately 150 task or activities for the pack. This is a practical based workshop exploring the use of the cards and application for client groups linking in to the National Curriculum

Ian Coxan (Learning Outside the Classroom Advisor: North East Lincolnshire Outdoor Learning Service)has been building new and stronger links between schools and his outdoor service by providing OLC training to schools.

Into the Stretch Zone - Mark Williams & Andy Robinson

This workshop will explore some common practices and ideas that help individuals and groups get into the 'right place' to engage in learning and development. If you want to achieve great things through your work, you need to take people on a quite a journey through change! Do you tend to use the same map for the journey or do you have a variety of models for change that you draw on?

Your workshop providers certainly don't have a 'fix all' solution and advocate the need to respond to individual and groups needs on a dynamic basis - this is where confidence, skills and experience come in. What they do have is decades of experience in a huge variety of settings from teaching ice climbing on Ben Nevis, to working with board level executives and with primary school groups on outdoor education visits.

Expect to contribute your own thoughts and ideas and to get fully involved in trying some challenging activities.

Finding Stories - Gordon MacLellan

Spinning new stories, wild tales and improbable characters out of found materials. Working indoors and out, we'll look at techniques to use with groups to build stories to tell, practical hints and useful themes for ourselves as leaders and additional activities to give ourselves the confidence to weave new stories on the spot

Wild Books - Gordon MacLellan

Capturing moments: news stories, precious memories, ongoing diaries. Simple book-building activities combining quick art activities with writing and reflection to allow people to make their own personal records of adventures, discoveries and inspirations

Creeping Toad

Working with BME groups in the Outdoors - Adnan Zaman & Safia Zaman

Adnan works for Lindley Educational Trust and is from a youth work background. He supports community groups raise funding and deliver developmental outdoor courses in their areas, he has had a lot of success working with BME groups in particular. Safia is a youth worker from Ashton Under Lyne who has delivered some fantastic projects for women from BME backgrounds.

This workshop will help you to develop a broader understanding of BME communities, tailor courses to meet their needs, and explore the solutions to challenges you may face when working with them. We will draw on the knowledge gained through successful projects we have run in the past and the experience of participants in the workshop. The aim of this workshop is to begin to understand BME communities a bit better, explore some of the barriers you might come across, and how to break down these barriers and support them to access the service we provide. There will be plenty of time for open discussion/debate on controversial issues.

It is important to note that although BME encompasses many different demographics, the material for this workshop will draw on the knowledge and experiences of the facilitators, who have a history of working with a Muslim community predominantly from Pakistani and Bangladeshi backgrounds.

Maths and science in the Outdoors - Jim Langley

This workshop will take you on a journey to discover maths and science using activities to bring about learning in the outdoors. We will be engaged in mini projects, problem solving and hopefully understanding!! This will be a fun and interactive workshop giving you plenty of ideas and ways to teach with links to the national curriculum.

Lindley Educational Trust Festival of Outdoor Learning

Interactive Group Games - Hariom Bhatt

If you're ever stuck for ideas for group games come and join me in playing a variety of high energy games. Come to learn creative games which are easy for all abilities and ages.

You will experience some fun sports that are great for team / group bonding.

Icebreakers and Metaphors - Harvey Downey & Dave Baines

Dave and Harvey will explore the use of Icebreakers, Games and Problem solving exercises as Metaphors Motivators and Magic of the Development Process. This will be a Experiential and action centred workshop with Reflection and Reviewing to help gain insights into Process and Personal Development during Experiential learning events and Training courses run by Facilitators, Instructors Trainers and Educators.

Forest School - Vicki Stewart

Forest School is a holistic approach to learning in the outdoors, with a specific learner-led approach to development, taking place regularly over a long period of time in woodlands. It is applicable to a range of learning groups from child to adult, and in a variety of situations from social, environmental, educational, non-curriculum, therapy, and special developmental needs. Vicki Stewart, will introduce a fun, flowing 'heart, head and hands' introduction to Forest Schools while taking you through the skill of making wooden weights to create your own Viking woven cord.

Vicki Stewart is a Forest School Leader with 18 years experience in the outdoor development training sector. She is the Director of Brightwood Training, an outdoor development & leadership company. She works with children, adults and corporate groups.


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Your booking will only be confirmed when payment is received. Payments are non-refundable. Our aim is to make the festival affordable to all. Lindley Educational Trust happily subsidise the event but we do need to minimise our administration costs. We don't mind you asking but sorry, NO DISCOUNTS.

Please let us know if you have any dietary or other special requirements prior to your arrival. Tel 01433 620 377 or email

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