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Festival of outdoor learning

Annual Festival of Outdoor Learning 22-23 February 2014

A Great CPD Opportunity for Outdoor Professionals, Teachers, Youth Workers and Anyone With A General Interest In The Outdoors

A mix of workshops and informal networking that will give you plenty of new ideas both conceptual and practical.

Only £75 for the whole weekend - includes 4 workshops, accommodation and meals during the event. The festival takes place at Hollowford


Workshops confirmed so far;

Previous quotes

“Talking about things like this (spirituality) in public is more challenging to me than the thought of climbing Everest”

“It (the workshop) brought me a greater understanding of Facilitation and some new tools”

“I just want to say thank you. I think you’ve saved my marriage in the workshop this morning”

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Saturday Evening

Always very informal, things going on during Saturday evening will include; music making around the fire, storytelling, the launch of a new IOL Special Interest Group, an improvisation session and a number of discussion groups. Or you may just prefer a chance for a chat and catch up in the bar which will be well stocked with local real ales and some "proper" cider.

This year the Festival will host the 'Outdoor Development for the Workplace' SIG is for practitioners providing personal and professional development to people who are at work or preparing to work in commerce, industry and the public sector, and outdoor practitioners wishing to build their development skills in these areas. As well as meetings to help practitioners network, the SIG aims to offer short CPD programmes for existing practitioners and introductory programmes for those new to the field. It also facilitates the development of materials and articles for the promotion of ODW and for the education of practitioners and customers.

We are pleased to announce that the Institute of Outdoor Learning (IOL) will be holding their AGM during the Festival this year

Exploring Music & Sound In The Great Outdoors - Amy Boud

We will explore the sounds and rhythms we find in nature and make sounds and music of our own using a range of mostly natural materials including sticks, hands and voices!

This workshop will fuel you with lots of quick ideas and exercises to use on their own or as part of a longer session from keeping spirits up on a long walk to an end of programme review and celebration.

There will be chance to share songs and ideas of your own.

John Muir Award - Anna Hormigo

The John Muir Award is a nationally recognised environmental Award scheme that encourages people from all backgrounds to connect with, enjoy and care for wild places. Four Challenges are at the heart of each Award: Discover a wild place - Explore it - Conserve it - Share your experiences.

This framework supports outdoor learning delivered by a wide range of providers including; teachers, outdoor instructors, countryside rangers, volunteers and care workers, and complements existing award schemes such as the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

This workshop will give an introduction to the relevant skills, knowledge and approaches needed for delivering the John Muir Award.

You will:

  • Become familiar with the 4 Challenges that make up the Award
  • Participate in a range of outdoor and environmental activities that could be used to support the Award.
  • Explore and understand the Criteria needed to achieve a John Muir Award.
  • Review the resources available to help you deliver the Award
  • Consider your next steps - how to start using the Award.

Anna Hormigo John Muir Award

Creativity In Outdoor Learning - Bill Krouwel

What is outdoor learning? Is it about developing skills? Is it about producing compliant citizens? Is it, perhaps, about helping people to release their real potential?

Bill Krouwel is a keen supporter of the last of these three and has spent a thirty-year career trying to help people develop through interaction with the outdoors. In his career Bill has found that personal development can be helped by mixing the outdoors with other experiential media, ranging from the arts to woodcraft; sometimes the most unlikely things act as triggers for development.

In his interactive and thought-provoking session he

  • Shares some of the ideas and experiences that have led / fed his beliefs
  • Offers some of the activities with which he balances his outdoor programmes

Whatever Happened To Development Training? - Bill Krouwel

An input / group work / plenary session on 'whatever happened to development training?'based on my doctoral study ... A bit more cerebral, but aims to open up a debate and is in-line with the hoped-for setting up of a 'working with working-age people' Special Interest Group in the Institute for Outdoor Learning

Bill Krouwel

Helping The Pieces Fit: Forming, Norming & Storming To Create Dynamic Group Facilitation - Caroline Carr

This workshop will address facilitating and reviewing learning through a range of thought provoking and practical co-operative tasks that challenge personal and group dynamics.

Based on the concepts of group dynamics through forming, norming and exploring we will explore the different stages of building rock solid teams through changing & manipulating group dynamics. Fearful of failure? Then this session might just redefine your perspective on success...

This workshop will provide opportunities to develop:

  • Shared knowledge of group dynamics in outdoor environments
  • What review techniques create strong teams
  • What is failure and how to attempt to turn it around
  • Review & reflect on own practice

Caroline Carr is director of Outdoor Learning Consultancy, a provider of outdoor & environmental education and training. Caroline has developed training programmes to support CPD for outdoor educators and teachers. Through her background in the outdoors she has an understanding of a wide range of teaching and learning pedagogies and is interested in innovative and creative ways to inspire both teachers and learners.

Caroline Carr

3 Circular Maps - Chris Holland

Map making and sharing information is an instinctive human trait. This characteristic helps us find a sense of place and direction in the physical world and the cycles of our lives. Chris shares three different types of highly practical yet playful map making activites, illuminating for all ages of learners, which develop a sense of place in the world:

  • One for sharing information about a place and it's resources.
  • One for helping people share secret locations and find stillness.
  • One for mapping the directions, the seasons, life-cycles and a flow learning cycle all in one.

Chris Holland is an inspiration in the field of nature connection for families and schools in the UK and increasingly worldwide. He is an author and award winning photographer too. He has many things in his teaching bundle including a degree in environmental science and a talent for working with groups of people, telling stories, sharing bushcraft skills, foraging, creating environmental art and playing the didgeridoo. He wrote his first book, I love my World - the 'must have' playful, hands-on nature connection guidebook, in 2009. He also loves swimming long distances and kayak surfing in the sea.

chris holland

Dark Sky - Tania Johnston

Tania works at the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh and has been closely involved in the Dark Sky project in Scotland; she is now being instrumental in the extension of this project throughout the UK

In this workshop she will :-

  • Extend and enhance you knowledge of the night sky
  • Give you free tools to help you (and the groups you work with) understand what you are looking at
  • Introduce you to the latest web based resources
  • Look at ways of developing a sense of scale & perspective
  • Look at current technology
  • Provide straightforward information cards for groups of all ages

dark skies

Make Your Own Bow Drill Set - Dave Watson

Learn to make an efficient set of this well known Friction Fire Lighting equipment. You will get some first hand understanding of how and why particular materials work better than others as well as being able create your own set, use it as well as take it away for future use.

Knives and saws will be used throughout the session. Previous experience is recommended but not essential

Campfire Gadgets and Whistles - Dave Watson

Make some simple as well as snazzy adjustable pot holders for the campfire using basic tools. We will be also making an effective whistle to take away with you.

Knives and saws will be used throughout the session. Previous experience is recommended but not essential

Dave Watson

Using Evidence Based Therapeutic Activities In The Outdoors - David Steare

Service commissioners are becoming increasingly focused on the evidence base of outdoor activities to achieve educational and mental health outcomes. This workshop will explore the concepts of 'evidence' and 'outcome measures' as well as an exploration of what may be useful to evidence when bidding for contracts. A sample list of research studies will be provided to workshop participants and can be provided to other Festival attendees on request.

David Steare is semi-retired and works p/t as a social worker within the NHS. David also served in the Royal Navy and is trained in family therapy.

Hollowford outdoor centre

Finding Stories - Gordon MacLellan

A lively session spinning new stories, wild tales and improbable characters out of found materials. Working indoors and out, we'll look at techniques to use with groups to build stories to tell, practical hints and useful themes for ourselves as leaders and additional activities to give ourselves the confidence to weave new stories on the spot.

The Value of Tiny Things - Gordon MacLellan

Two main themes coincide in this workshop: the sheer excitement a lot of children (and older people!) find in working on a small scale and the practical limits on what equipment we can carry with us. So, with a guide to "make nothing bigger than your own hand", we'll set off to explore some Tiny Worlds with pirates and goblins, castles, treasure maps, tiny books terrible, tiny monsters. There may be even a fleet of very small ships on a very small pond

Creeping Toad

The Facilitator - Harvey Downey & Dave Baines

Dave & Harve will be exploring the roles and styles of Facilitation using indoor and outdoor training and development experiences.

They will be using practical exercises, theory and reviewing to raise some challenging questions that examine the impact of perceptions in personal and group development events.

Working with Special Needs Students and Spoon Carving - Ian Cresswell

In this workshop there will be three main elements, creativity, learning a skill, and discussion about working with special needs students all brought together through the practical element of spoon making.

Ian will work with you developing these themes and sharing his knowledge and experience. (Be warned the last person to go one of these workshops couldn't stop making spoons for several days afterwards)

lindley educational trust

Environmental Learning Cards: A New Teaching Resource - Jim Langley

My workshop this year is on the use of the Environmental Learning Cards produced by the Outdoor Education Advisors Panel. They have been designed to give staff and young people an introduction to the Discovering, Exploring, Sharing and Sustaining the Natural Environment. The Cards offer a range of activities that are of great value in themselves, but also provide the opportunity to support and add value to on-going programmes of learning.

The Environmental Cards will support learning across the whole curriculum, encourage working together, promote positive attitudes to the natural environment and an understanding of a young person's place within it. All the activities can be delivered in school or centre grounds, parks, nature reserves or other suitable open spaces, requiring no specialist facilities.

Lindley Educational Trust Festival of Outdoor Learning

Working with Willow - Karina Thornton

Explore the scope of working with willow. Karina will guide you through making a willow tray and give you the chance to explore what else might be done with this incredibly flexible material in a practical and creative workshop

Lindley Educational Trust Festival of Outdoor Learning

Autism: It's Not Like You Think - Marion Jones

This workshop aims to;

  • Develop an understanding of what autism is and is not
  • Identify the spectrum of presentations in individuals with autism
  • Try and understand the world through an 'autism lens'
  • Introduce some basic strategies that may be of use when working with these individuals

Marion is Service Development Manager - Autism for Cumbria County Council

The Right Way: What Every Outdoor Leader Should Know About Access - Matt Hutson

This workshop will combine advice from the National Park Authority, the Duke of Edinburgh's Award and the Police (amongst others) and is designed to assist you when leading groups on activities in the countryside. In this workshop you will;

  • Learn about the CRoW Act
  • The Countryside Code
  • Access exclusions - what are they, where do they happen and how do you know?
  • Best practice when using vehicles with groups, e.g. minibuses
  • Managing potential conflict with other users when you are with a group (your rights and theirs)
  • Teaching access and the countryside code to groups - some ideas

The Role of the DofE Assessor - Matt Hutson

More and more people are considering becoming a DofE assessor as part of a paid role or have found that there has been a significant shift over the last 5 years in what might be expected of them. In this workshop we will consider the following:

  • Assessing as for a commercial provider (AAP)
  • Assessing as a volunteer vs a paid employee
  • The EAAS 12 form and registering with different Licensed Organisations
  • Assessing other modes of travel or overseas
  • Becoming an assessor and maintaining assessor status inc. new DBS checks
  • What should be in an assessor's report, inc. using the online portal
  • Understanding the 20 conditions and how they apply
  • What to do if you have concerns about an expedition
  • What are your responsibilities as an assessor to the group and to the DofE.

Please note that this is NOT an Expedition Assessor Accreditation Course

An Appropriate Level of Supervision (for DofE Groups) - Matt Hutson

The DofE expedition section requires us to let groups go off on their own journey and expect us to remotely supervise them. This interactive workshop will look at the various types of supervision: remote, close and direct, and consider when each one might be appropriate with a group. We will also look at the guidance available from Mountain Training, AALA, OEAP and the Duke of Edinburgh's Award around supervision and some of the ways group leaders currently manage it, including the use of check point cards, mobile phones, tracker systems and eyes on the hill.

Please note that this is NOT an Expedition Supervisor Training Course

What's your aim? - Matt Hutson

A workshop for the DofE leader looking to help their groups with the purpose work requirements of the expedition section. It might also be relevant for anyone looking to develop group work amongst young people in an outdoor setting. This interactive workshop will look at ways of inspiring young people to:

  • Come up with their own aims
  • Consider what resources they might need
  • Identify sources of information and advice
  • Come up with imaginative ways of presenting them.

We will also look at examples of 'good' aims and aims that need more work or that are not acceptable to the DofE, and the reasons why.

Matt Hutson is a DofE Charity staff member, Assessor Network Co-ordinator for the Peak District, a contributor to the latest Expedition Guide and an experienced Assessor for the DofE

matt hutson

Improvising & More Improvising - Nigel Vardy

I'll offer a Sunday workshop on Improvisation skills as a follow on from an informal session around the fire on Saturday evening. Improv can be great when the groupneed some evening entertainment/distractions and warming up before or after asession.

There are no barriers to improvisation and the only failure is the failureto take part. This fully activity based workshop requires no props or kit,just you and the desire to have fun! This will be no holes barred, fullcontact improv!

nigel vardy

Reviewing in Twos - Roger Greenaway

We will explore the benefits, risks and practicalities of reviewing in twos. Particularly useful where group level reviewing would not be practical, such as while on a journey or for productively using idle periods while waiting for others. Benefits include: higher levels of engagement in reflection, participants being listened to for longer and spending more time reflecting on their own experiences. Practical reviewing exercises will include:

  • Brief Encounters
  • Empathy Test
  • Storylines
  • Goal Keepers (learning buddies)
  • Interviews
  • Diary Room / Souvenir Movie

Reviewing in Groups - Roger Greenaway

The starting point will be Roger's article "Avoiding Common Traps when Reviewing with Groups". You will then be invited to try out some of my favourite (trap-avoiding) methods such as:

  • Action Replay
  • Horseshoe - Spokes
  • Persuasion Line

Roger Greenaway

Oneness In Diversity: Appreciating The Bigger Picture - Roger Orgill MBE

Drawing on his extensive experience in the wider field of sustainability and the commitment to and promotion of eco-consciousness - best summed up as soil, soul and society. Roger offers a wide ranging presentation of potentially mutually beneficial and encouraging developments and initiatives which many may not be aware of.

In short, an attempt to join up the dots.

Roger Orgill

Trainer In A Rucksack - Sam Moore

We've all been there, a delayed minibus pick up, a bored group at lunch or an excitable group at a wild campsite with nothing to do before bedtime. The aim of this workshop is to give you a collection of games, activities and review techniques that can help you keep your group engaged using nothing more than the contents of a rucksack

Hollowford outdoor centre

Biomimicry: Learning from Natures Genius - Sophie Nicol & Katy Egan

An engaging hands on workshop that introduces the concept of Biomimicry through simple fun activities that can be used with groups to engage and link science, nature and through technology through exploring our relationship with nature and technology.

What can we learn from nature?

Programme Planning - Steve Lewis

A practical workshop to demonstrate the various stages involved in planning a development programme. From introductory icebreakers to final review some suggestions on how to approach programme design thinking about facilitation, learning activities, learning environment, reviewing and safety and responsibility.

The workshop will be hands on with the intention of enabling participants to learn by experiencing the various stages of a plan. Thus to engage with some forward thinking ideas involving the whole person and recognised elements of programme typology and potential serendipitous outcomes.

Hollowford outdoor centre

Working With Children's Grief In The Outdoors - Tracy Steare

In this hands-on workshop we will explore some useful therapeutic outdoor activities that can help children and young people cope with separation and loss.

Tracy works in the outdoors for an outdoor activities company and in schools for a national children's charity. Tracy is also a trained counsellor and forest school instructor.

Hollowford outdoor centre

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