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Author: Chris Groves

Bursary Fund

We welcome support from anywhere, it doesn't just have to be cash! Would you like to volunteer? Do you have an area of expertise that we could benefit from? Our bursary helps those who cannot fully afford our services or require additional support.



Target amount: £0.00

Amount raised: £448.07


Activities that challenge and inspire

Professionals who facilitate development and educate 

Venues that stimulate and encourage learning 

If you’re looking for inspiring adventures for 25 year olds
and younger, we’re up for the challenge.

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  • Celebrating Outdoor Learning

    The Festival of Outdoor Learning, a great weekend to celebrate and develop your outdoor learning practice. A wide range of CPD for instructors, teachers and youth workers based at Lindley's Hollowford Centre in the Peak District. Read more

  • Apprenticeships, resilience and the valuable employee

    A recent National Apprenticeship Service survey identified that 80% of employers think that apprenticeships reduce staff turnover and bring fresh, innovative and creative ideas into a business. In my experience to access these benefits requires some development work with these new members of your team. Read more

  • Why should we take CPD seriously?

    CPD (Continuous Professional Development) can be described as a: “holistic commitment of professionals towards the enhancement of personal skills and proficiency throughout their careers” Read more

  • I'm Confused

    Does it matter that we use different terms for outdoor learning? Call it outdoor education, outdoor activities, outdoor pursuits, learning outside the classroom or learning away, we don't mind. It's more important to be able to identify good practice. Read more