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Author: Chris Groves

Bursary Fund

We welcome support from anywhere, it doesn't just have to be cash! Would you like to volunteer? Do you have an area of expertise that we could benefit from? Our bursary helps those who cannot fully afford our services or require additional support.



Target amount: £0.00

Amount raised: £453.07


Activities that challenge and inspire

Professionals who facilitate development and educate 

Venues that stimulate and encourage learning 

If you’re looking for inspiring adventures for 25 year olds
and younger, we’re up for the challenge.

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  • Engaging Imagination and Creativity

    Can engaging imagination and creativity benefit human progress? Read more

  • Academic Achievement vs Well-Being

    Can a young person's academic achievement be connected with their well being? Can the two elements work together? Our CEO Andy Robinson explains the link between the two and their benefits. Read more

  • Young People are great at coping with uncertainty

    We now live in a world of constant and rapid change. Emails, 24 hour news channels, social media, the internet and mobile phones mean that we are always exposed to outside influences and respond accordingly. Read more

  • The importance of developing resilience in your apprentices: Do they have employee potential?

    Leaving education and entering the world of work is a stressful and challenging time. There is a requirement for young apprentices to work with a wide range of people whilst meeting the high expectations of clients and managers, and yet still learning higher level skills. This is a sure test of that young person's adaptability, strength and ultimately, their confidence. Read more


  • @LindleyET

    Whilst much of our activity is targeted directly at young people, we don't forget the importance of family support.… https://t.co/gQbXQrPKNt

  • @LindleyET

    The Castleton Tree Festival in St Edmund's Church is on until Sunday 17th December. Well worth a visit! https://t.co/16NQtCYSmj

  • @LindleyET

    Castleton Christmas Lights switch on Sat 18 Nov @ 4.30pm. Something for everyone! https://t.co/jVoDK2mpDY @VisitCastleton Visit Castleton