Young People are great at coping with uncertainty

We now live in a world of constant and rapid change. Emails, 24 hour news channels, social media, the internet and mobile phones mean that we are always exposed to outside influences and respond accordingly.Read more

The importance of developing resilience in your apprentices: Do they have employee potential?

Leaving education and entering the world of work is a stressful and challenging time. There is a requirement for young apprentices to work with a wide range of people whilst meeting the high expectations of clients and managers, and yet still learning higher level skills. This is a sure test of that young person's adaptability, strength and ultimately, their confidence.Read more

Celebrating Outdoor Learning

The Festival of Outdoor Learning, a great weekend to celebrate and develop your outdoor learning practice. A wide range of CPD for instructors, teachers and youth workers based at Lindley's Hollowford Centre in the Peak District.Read more

Why should we take CPD seriously?

CPD (Continuous Professional Development) can be described as a: “holistic commitment of professionals towards the enhancement of personal skills and proficiency throughout their careers”Read more

I'm Confused

Does it matter that we use different terms for outdoor learning? Call it outdoor education, outdoor activities, outdoor pursuits, learning outside the classroom or learning away, we don't mind. It's more important to be able to identify good practice.Read more

The Danger

Are you making the most of your outdoor learning residential? Does your programme have a clear contributory role for staff, incorporate progression, have space for less structured learning and have a clear role in the wider school year?Read more

Apprentice Levy

The Apprentice Levy and Experiential LearningRead more

Youth Work and Outdoors 2016

Youth Work and Outdoors in 2016Read more

Helping to Steer the Work of the Trust

Helping to Steer the Work of the TrustRead more

National Citizen Service

National Citizen Service 2016Read more