Delane Lim

For Educators and Practitioners who want to become a facilitator in designing and conducting meaningful games with learning intentions. The learner will develop the skills, knowledge, and dispositions central to fun-play in education enabling them to identify in class and out of class opportunities to design lesson plans, prepare presentations, and engage in activities that have direct, transferable relevance.

This Full Day FUN Workshop will also integrate experiential discovery pedagogy into their adventure or classroom practices and for seasoned practitioners to hone and advance their work.

The course includes direct teaching; collaboration; co-negotiation; facilitating; mentoring; self-, peer-, and instructor development-oriented assessment; leadership opportunities; and coaching. 

Units will include:

  • Understanding facilitation in FUN Experiential Discovery framework
  • Designing Frameworks & Lessons for Future Learners
  • Acquire facilitation skills for team learning
  • Use of PLAY (Participatory, Learning, Action-Based and Youthful) methods in creating great teams

A Certification of Completion (by International Centre for Experiential Learning & Leadership, South East Asia) will be awarded to learners after the end of the training program.

About the Trainer:

Delane Lim is an influential educator who brings a wealth of experience from Singapore.  He does advisory, consultancy and training for Singapore government and corporate agencies. He designed and delivered training for teachers, youth workers and outdoor instructors across Asia.  This workshop will provide valuable insight into tested approaches adopted in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, helping you to develop and design meaningful fun into the educational experience.  It is designed to provide opportunity to test and reflect on theories, so be prepared to participate in the fun. Be prepared to have crazy fun and yet meaningful experience. At the end of the session, all training activities can be used for your institution with electronic learning guide access given to all learners. 

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