Caving & Mine Exploration

A whole new challenging environment to explore

No visit to Castleton is complete without a cave visit
Going underground and experiencing total darkness is a true adventure. Explore the exciting and unique underground environment including stalactites and fossils. Some venues have the additional interest of having some disused mine workings. We’ll kit you out with specialist equipment including; oversuits, wellies, helmets and head lights.

As well as being an adventure, caving is a great team activity – it requires team members to give each other instructions as they travel down the passages, help each other over obstacles and generally be supportive to each other.

Why? No visit to Castleton is complete without a trip underground plus a chance to experience complete darkness. Many people overcome personal fears, with support and encouragement from the rest of their group. Physical challenge and a sense of achievement.
Where? Off site
How long? Best as a half-day session

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