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Rock Climbing

The Peak District draws people from all over the world for this personal challenge

Participants have an opportunity to climb at a level that they are comfortable with and leave feeling comfortably challenged. A key element of this activity is belaying – this is where other members of the group hold the safety rope of the climber under the close supervision of the instructor. Support, trust and communication are all vital.

A variation that works particularly well with younger groups involves more of a scrambling or bouldering session comprising of small challenges without the use of ropes but under the close supervision of the instructor. Also includes “Weaselling”, often described as outdoor caving, involves exploring between and under rocks in a ‘follow the leader’ manner. Both these variations encourage teamwork, encouragement and support. There is also the added advantage that more of the group is involved in the activity more of the time.

Why? These activities provide the opportunity to undertake a personal challenge, with support and encouragement from the rest of their group – thus helping people understand the value and importance of teamwork. Pushing comfort zones and a sense of achievement.
Where? Off site
How long? Half-day session

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