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After Your Visit

After your visit, we value all aspects of feedback from you and hope you enjoy your visit so much that you may think of reserving a future date for your next visit. See the info below for reserving dates and completing our feedback form.

If you need anything else please contact us.

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In order to ensure we keep exceeding client expectations we welcome your feedback. If you don’t get chance to talk to us before your departure, you can send feedback in various ways:

You can email us on enquiries@lindley.org, give us a call on 014 620 377 or if you prefer, take the traditional route with a letter!

Here’s just a few quotes from our recent clients:

“Catering was awesome this year. Lovely food choices and staff always very organised. Centre Staff-Excellent as always!”

“Outstanding for information about food and activities to account for medical needs of some children.”

“Excellent communication. Always prompt responses to questions.”

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We happily accept enquiries and bookings for the future.

Many of our clients are already on a rolling booking system to ensure they get their preferred dates. If you would like to look at the possibility of doing this or would like to reserve one off future dates please do get in touch.

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