Many young people and their potential employers are facing a changing environment as a result of the Government’s drive to move control over apprenticeships from training providers to employers. A key incentive for change is the introduction of a compulsory Apprentice Levy in April 2017, meaning a new approach to apprentice funding from May 2017 onwards. Whilst development of new apprenticeship standards and new approaches to training and assessing apprentices may cause some short term confusion it also presents a great opportunity to ensure the right skills and knowledge are being built into those first few years of employment.

Lindley has a long history of delivering successful and stimulating programmes for apprentices and graduates. Times change and we have been looking to refine our offer. We have brought together supporters and clients to explore one of the key abilities often missing in the training and development of young apprentices, experiential learning. Using outdoor exercises with an element of challenge, unknown environment, new knowledge, skill requirements and naturally reflective opportunities is ideal to develop experiential learning capabilities.

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Author: Tracey Vahter