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With over 50 years’ experience of working with young employees. It is no surprise many organisations look to Lindley to help them develop their apprentices. Apprentice case study

Leaving education and entering the world of work is a stressful and challenging time. Many young people are not fully prepared and our Apprentice Development events help them take on these new challenges.

Lindley’s approach to Apprentice Development

Lindley programmes are highly participative and interactive. Experienced trainers deliver input and coach throughout. A range of carefully designed outdoor exercises use activities to mirror common challenges in the work place. The exercises enable participants to ‘live the learning’ with opportunities for practising new skills, sharing best practice, discussing real issues encountered at work and devising appropriate strategies for managing personal change.

Illustrative outcomes from a Lindley Apprentice Development programme:

An enhanced return on investment as a result of apprentices who can

  1. Work with others to meet client needs
  2. Plan out their work and solve problems carefully and creatively
  3. Take responsibility for self, colleagues & clients
  4. Manage their behaviour through self awareness, self confidence & resilience
  5. Learn effectively ‘on and through the job’
  6. Step up from coping with uncertainty to managing it

Designed to deliver for the employer

Although many of our programmes have common features and similar outcomes we don’t have a standard programme. We recognise that our programmes can be used at different points in the wider apprentice development programme. We also recognise that industry sectors place a different emphasis on the skills and knowledge they require from their apprentices and we map our learning outcomes to the different sector standards. An employing organisation’s culture and values are usually also important influencing factors in programme design.

Recognition & Funding

Our expertise and approach is recognised by a range of industry sector bodies and colleges & universities. Lindley is recognised by the Skills Funding Agency on the Register of Apprentice Training Providers, enabling ease of funding for our apprentice development programmes. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further.

Apprentice Development events can be delivered at a venue to suit, but we highly recommend the Hollowford Centre.

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