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Bursary Fund Appeal

The aim of the Lindley Educational Trust Bursary Fund is to help young people who cannot fully afford our services/provision. It is also used to help groups that require additional support due to their particular needs.

The Fund only helps those groups who are undertaking personal and social development activities with us.


Examples of how the Bursary Fund provides support:

Long term projects 

Working with young people at risk from exclusion from school, who have challenging behaviour or are underachievers. These projects have had some fantastic results and aim to support other school initiatives.

Young people with disabilities or special needs 

By providing additional instruction and support we are able to ensure that each young person is challenged in a supportive environment, with activities specifically adapted to suit their needs.

Social disadvantage

All young people regardless of race, creed or social circumstance should have the opportunity to achieve their best in life. Young people from areas of social disadvantage are amongst those most in need of our programmes of personal development and outdoor education.

Youth inclusion

We work in partnership with a number of Youth Projects to tackle issues such as community cohesion, youth crime and anti-social behaviour. This work is challenging and group sizes need to be small in order to maximise our impact.


The Bursary Fund is funded through donations and fundraising from individuals, groups and organisations. By making a donation you can help support young people who need a little extra help to reach their full potential.

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