Kit List

Details of personal kit you may need

Generally casual clothing is worn throughout your stay. As a percentage of your activity programme will take place outdoors (whatever the weather) it is worth brining three sets of clothing suitable for outdoor use.

Lindley will provide all specialist activity equipment. In addition we can provide kagouls, waterproof trousers, boots, rucksacks, balaclavas and mitts, although you are welcome to bring your own.

You may find the following guide useful. Please ensure you bring sufficient clothing for the duration of your event:

Kit List

Also Useful

  • 3 sets of outdoor clothing-outdoor clothes may receive heavy wear so bring old but sturdy clothing (trousers, shirts/t-shirts, jumpers/sweatshirts) NB Jeans are unsuitable for outdoor activities

  • Indoor casual clothes and shoes

  • 2-3 pairs of thick woolen socks

  • Training shoes for activities

  • Old training shoes (for water based activities)

  • Tights and thermal underwear are valuable in winter

  • Nightwear and underwear

  • Toiletries, soap, towel etc

  • Pen and notebook

  • A Torch

  • Thermos flask and plastic lunchbox

  • Shorts, swimwear and suncream in summer

  • Travel alarm clock

  • Scarf, hat and gloves in cold weather

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