Originally designed as a school lunch time indoor activity and first presented in 2002 as a workshop at the European Brief Therapy Association conference, Gadget Club coaches children to find solutions to problems. 

Since working as freelancers my wife Tracy and I have been developing the programme to use with children outdoors, suitable for use at school and in the ‘wild’. 

The workshop will include a brief introduction and experiencing several of the ideas and techniques used.  Comprehensive handouts and background documents are available online and for download.

Bio:  Since before retiring in 2014 (48 years working in the Royal Navy, as a buyer, as a psychiatric nurse and social worker) David Steare has been working occasionally as a freelancer in the outdoors, mostly in the corporate sector.  David facilitates the ‘Advocates for ADHD and Autism (Derby)’ group on a voluntary basis (please like our Facebook page!)  David is also an unpaid regional organiser for the East Midlands branch of the ‘European Mentoring & Coaching Council’ and a member of ‘Systems Consulting in Organisations’