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A Governance Board of Trustees

The Charity is a company limited by guarantee established in 1965 and registered as a charity in 1966. It has a Trustee Board who are Directors of the company. The Board meets with its Chief Executive three times a year to monitor and set strategy and policy. No members of the Trustee Board are remunerated by the Trust.

The Board expects its Management Team to set and maintain a standard of excellence in delivering outdoor learning and to pay particular attention to managing risks associated with health, safety and the environment.

Current Board Members


David Butterfield Corporate Learning & Develop
Richard Hall Real Estate Development
David Henderson Learning & Development Consultant
Doug Jones Outdoor Education
John Price Chair Engineering (Retired)
James Reynolds Commercial Law
Tim Soar Headteacher (Retired)

If you are interested in contributing to the effective leadership and governance of the Trust please contact us for an exploratory conversation enquiries@lindley.org

Wider Expertise

Recognising the limit of personal detailed experience, the Board draws on a wider group of experts to help inform strategy and policy. This consultative role is fulfilled by a series of councils that reflect the areas of the Trust’s work, namely :

  • Children and young people in education
  • Experiential Learning & Young Employees
  • Youth & community

If you have experience in any of these areas of work and would like to support and influence the work of the Trust, please contact us to explore how that might work enquiries@lindley.org

Aims & Vision




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