Helping to Steer the Work of the Trust

||Helping to Steer the Work of the Trust

Helping to Steer the Work of the Trust

Lindley Educational Trust has, like most charities, a board of dedicated Trustees. The board would be the first to admit that their insight into the diverse world of young people’s development is incomplete and hence they are keen to develop some steering councils to better inform the future of the Trust’s work. If you have a passion for what we do and would like to influence the development of the Trust’s work then get in touch. We have two main initial areas that may interest you. Firstly, youth and community work and secondly, bridging the gap to employment post school. The Trust has a long tradition of service in both areas and is looking to ensure that becomes even more impactful in the future.

Please contact Andy Robinson Lindley’s CEO 07730 832760 or

Author: Tracey Vahter

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