Although the outdoors is the most useful environment for young / people with attention and activity needs (my reframe of ADHD), there are specific difficulties like waiting for a turn and finding activities too slow that impede their progress. 

This workshop will explore the theoretical implications of ADHD for outdoor activities and we will then experience some of the activities that might be useful to meet attention and activity needs.  This workshop will be a follow on to my workshop presentation at the Derbyshire Association of Family Therapy conference in June 2008.

Bio:  Since before retiring in 2014 (48 years working in the Royal Navy, as a buyer, as a psychiatric nurse and social worker) David Steare has been working occasionally as a freelancer in the outdoors, mostly in the corporate sector.  David facilitates the ‘Advocates for ADHD and Autism (Derby)’ group on a voluntary basis (please like our Facebook page!)  David is also an unpaid regional organiser for the East Midlands branch of the ‘European Mentoring & Coaching Council’ and a member of ‘Systems Consulting in Organisations’.