Lindley’s partners contribute to the work of the Trust in a number of ways:


We are clear that our expertise lies in using outdoor experiential learning to enable young people to develop and grow. Where the needs of the young people we work with are best met by drawing on skills and knowledge that the Lindley team does not excel in, then we turn to our network of talented partners.

We also draw on partners with knowledge of the emerging or changing needs of young people in the UK when we are planning how to best use the resources of the Trust.

Access to Young People

Many young people, especially in urban areas, have limited options for accessing and benefiting from the work of the Trust. Where organisations are committed to developing young people in line with Lindley’s aspirations and currently work with a population of young people, we will consider a partnership that goes beyond a simple client / provider relationship.


Resources and Funding

We have a number of long term relationships with organisations that own resources such as residential centres in inspiring wild settings and jointly promote the use of such resources for the benefit of young people. We also have similar relationships with a number of funders who are seeking similar outcomes for young people and recognise as we do that achieving those outcomes may require long term planning and investment.

If you are interested in partnering with us please contact

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