Project Description

Norfolk Primary School

Though there is compelling evidence that the types of activities delivered by the Lindley team can improve engagement with learning and raise attainment, the benefits are much wider. These wider outcomes of a well designed Lindley programme are described by a Head Teacher from a rural primary school in the SE of England.

‘It is clear to me that long term benefits are there for both the individual, the education sector and for society. The skills learnt through Outdoor Learning includes all those elements that society values, indeed doesn’t business and industry send their management recruits out on team building challenges? That’s exactly why all schools should be doing it! The benefits also include improved attitudes as custodians of the future – pupils want to come back to the Peak District and enjoy the area, but also look after its unique environment. Health also plays a key role in our justification for visiting Castleton. Pupils need to be encouraged to lead active lifestyles and the range of activities on offer here are usually different from anything they have experienced before’

‘We value our Year 6 residential most highly of all our experiences – a week away from Norfolk staying at the Hollowford Centre in Castleton feels like a different world for most of our pupils. The first view of Winnats Pass leaves them breathless.’

This school’s programme is a combination of team building exercises in the grounds of the centre, personal and team challenges in natural adventurous locations including caves and crags and walking based exercises that allow the pupils to explore the natural beauty of the Peak Park. The programme is based on travel on the morning of day 1 and the afternoon of day 5 allowing for a rich combination of experiences for the pupils. Evening activities are a combination of Lindley or staff led activities and the visiting staff play an active role in ensuring the pupils get the most from what is often their first prolonged time away from home.

The school builds up to the residential treating it as a key development time prior to the pupils moving on to their secondary education.