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Project Hollowford

Project Hollowford is an exciting programme of development that will allow us to continue to develop the centre, become a National centre of excellence for outdoor learning, extend our reach to deliver innovative courses for over 10,000 young people every year and at the same time host thought provoking conferences in an inspiring environment.

The Story So Far


Stand alone accommodation facilities that have been specifically designed for vulnerable young people and those with special needs


Our existing accommodation to offer en-suite facilities for up to 140 people in shared bunk bedded rooms of mainly 4 to 6 people


A new glazed frontage to improve flow through the centre and to ensure disabled access to all parts of the building


Our kitchen enabling us to store food in a more appropriate way, for the increased volumes of meals being provided

The Next Steps…


A new 2 storey kit store with drying rooms. Allowing us to extend our reach, working with more partner organisations and young people away from the centre


Our reception area, relocating our offices and creating a new lounge area will improve an inspirational environment


More practitioners to enhance the impact of their work, by improving our conference facilities


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