The Trust currently operates 2 residential centres in the Derbyshire Peak District; The Hollowford Centre (up to 140 beds, ensuite facilities and fully catered) in Castleton and Shining Cliff (20 beds, self-catering) near Ambergate. We are open year round.

While multiple overnight residentials are most common, some facilities are available for just half a day but bookings of any length are possible. With over 50 years’ experience of delivering outdoor education we are here to discuss your needs and suggest an event to meet your specific requirements and outcomes. Everything is custom designed and as a result you will not find any set packages or prices.

Here's a ticklist for preparing a high quality residential experience, taken from A Guide to High Quality Outdoor Learning and Residential Experiences

  1. The residential programme should be planned and delivered to maximise the achievement of the specific learning objectives.
  2. Residential experiences are co-designed between the organisation and the provider with specific learning outcomes identified; a site visit meeting is desirable.
  3. The provider must have evidence to demonstrate that safety management processes are in place to effectively manage risk.
  4. The participants are actively involved in the pre-residential planning and post residential reflection.
  5. Residential experiences should be inclusive and offer options for everyone.
  6. Suitable and sufficient information must be made available to an organisation on how to manage groups while on a providers’ site, such as a visiting staff-briefing sheet.
  7. The accommodation, venue, equipment and staffing on the residential should provide the best opportunity for achieving your desired learning outcomes safely.
  8. The food on the residential visit should provide a healthy and balanced menu with options to meet specific dietary needs.
  9. Social and ‘un-structured’ time on a residential should be viewed and facilitated as a learning opportunity e.g. meals and evenings.
  10. The residential provider should provide excellent customer service, before, during and after the visit.
  11. If multiple residential experiences are offered within an organisation, they should be progressive, coordinated, ‘joined up’ in their planning and link to wider learning.
  12. The choice of residential provider should be regularly reviewed and justified using national accreditation schemes wherever appropriate

Whilst primarily we look to provide for young people, our facilities are suitable for corporate groups and other training events. Working closely with our corporate clients, we design and deliver Apprentice personal development programmes, Graduate and Management team building events using the outdoors.

With a range of both on-site and off-site activities and classrooms and conference facilities, we are able to meet the requirements of any size and type of group.