Schools find that the Hollowford Centre is an ideal venue for outdoor education and that’s why it’s no surprise that we see the same schools year after year.

One school has now been coming for over 25 years, and after each visit we are told “that was even better than last year, thank you”. Primary School case study.


Rather than the traditional end of year trip we are finding more and more primary schools visiting us in the Autumn and Winter term so that they then have the rest of the school year to build on the learning that takes place during a Hollowford visit.

Transition events for secondary schools have multiple benefits when run at the start of the autumn term. We also run a single day or an overnight for new sixth forms focusing on team work and breaking down barriers.


Most are looking for a complete package which includes meals, activity provision and accommodation and this is exactly what we can provide. Our Hollowford centre is suitably equipped to be inclusive for those with additional accessibility needs. We offer a bespoke programme for each booking which is based on age, group numbers and ability as well as what each school is wanting to achieve from the visit. View a sample school activty programme.

Our instructors are fully qualified in their activities and ensure that each child is encouraged to take part in all of the challenging activities available.

We encourage pre course visits to make sure you are happy with the arrangements for your visit. Hollowford has ensuite bedrooms, group rooms with TV and video facilities and an indoor games area. To ease the planning for trip leaders we provide an easy to follow booking system which includes information they may find useful when meeting with parents.

Our kitchen provides healthy meals that children will eat and we are happy to help with any specific dietary requirements members of the group may have. Click to view a  sample menu to give you a better idea.

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