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Sustainability & CSR

Our Philosophy

We believe that all individuals and organisations have some responsibility towards the health of their local communities.  We also recognise that local communities are part of the larger issue of global sustainability.  Lindley seeks to provide opportunities for young people to understand their potential responsibilities locally and globally and to identify what individual and corporate actions lead to sustainability.

Affective Experiences

We deliver a range of programmes based in the natural environment that ensure young people have a direct experience of their relationship with the great outdoors.  Such experiences are designed to generate emotional responses and challenge young people at the level of values and behaviour.  Whether they are considering the impact of erosion on a particularly sensitive woodland area or helping the local Wild Life Trust to reclaim an old quarry or rebuilding a stone wall to last another 200 years, the experience is particularly affective.  This leads to new understandings and commitments in personal and corporate sustainability.

Delivering Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Employee Development

We work with a number of employers providing training that develops their young people whilst at the same time providing benefits to less fortunate communities. This is achieved through running community projects which provide great challenges for course members with real consequences and benefits for local communities.  For more details you can read all about a graduate development program and the wider corporate social responsibility benefits. Such projects not only provide an excellent training medium and benefit the community they also help employers fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

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