Why Outdoor Learning?

We work in the great outdoors and offer challenging outdoor and adventurous activities, which take individuals out of their comfort zone. With the careful intervention of our instructors, individuals learn valuable lessons about themselves and how to work with others.

The outdoors provides a fantastic learning environment, where the pressures and normalities of everyday life are left behind and individuals can be encouraged to try new activities. Our approach is to help people recognise and understand the value of supporting and encouraging each other. Creating this supportive environment helps all individuals to fully engage and reach their potential.


Evidence of Impact

There is a growing and significant evidence base for a range of impacts that can be achieved through outdoor learning. We can, with some confidence say that improved physical activity, well-being and character, as well as a connection with nature, correlates with higher educational attainment and better employment outcomes for young people.

Adventurous Activity improves pupil progress by 3 months

The Education Endowment Foundation’s teacher toolkit recognises that participating programmes of adventurous activity can improve pupil’s progress by an average of 3 months compared to not participating in the activities.

EEF Teacher Toolkit – Adventurous Activities

Outdoor Learning has positive impacts on pupils and teachers

Natural England’s Natural Connection’s project working with 190 schools over 4 years found that outdoor learning had positive impacts on both pupils and teachers. These included increased enjoyment of lessons, increased engagement in learning and increased connections to nature … Nat Connections

Natural Connections 2016 : Final Report

Residential programmes can raise attainment

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation funded Learning Away project demonstrates how planned use of residential programmes can increase engagement in learning and productively develop the relationship between learner and teacher/trainer.

Learning Away Impact Report

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