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Why Support Us

Help us to ensure that young people continue to enjoy the benefits of Challenge and Adventure. There are 3 main areas of our work you can help us with.

  • Working with vulnerable young people
  • Developing our resources
  • Reaching young people in disadvantaged communities
  • Donate to the Lindley Educational Trust bursary fund which helps the most disadvantaged and deprived young people access our confidence building activities

‘The conscious aim to direct our services towards the most vulnerable members of society’

We work with around 12,000 young people every year
– 35% come from deprived and disadvantaged backgrounds
– 90% are in important transitional stages in life (primary to secondary school, leaving school to start work)
– 15% have additional needs and require additional support to fully access Lindley’s services

See our Bursary Fund Appeal Page

Hollowford Development Project

Lindley are committed to providing a ‘Centre of excellence’ in the field of outdoor learning.
We are continually developing our centre and its resources, here are some examples of current projects that need support;

  • New Kit Store
    This exciting project started in April 2018 and will take around 7 months to complete.
    We are still looking for funding to help us with the outfitting and the internal resources
    Steel racking and shelving for kit storage £30,000
    Industrial Dehumidifiers for the 3 drying rooms £12,000
    Creating a drive and paths so that all can easily access the kit store £8,000
  • Mountain Bike skills track £30,000
    We had a generous donation from the Peak Park sustainable development fund 2 years ago, which enabled us to buy mountain bikes.
    Every time they are used, we take young people off-site.
    We have identified that we need a mountain bike skills track so that we can teach skills and safety and ensure that all the young people in the group can ride to an acceptable standard prior to venturing into the great outdoors.
  • Climbing Wall £80,000
    Developing an indoor climbing wall will add to Lindley’s resources. Providing a poor weather alternative and somewhere where we can teach skills and help young people gain skills and confidence before venturing onto real rock.
    This facility will provide accessible options for those with additional needs, that can be difficult to provide in the great outdoors.
  • Dining Room / Kitchen Developments £75,000
    The current dining room was built when Hollowford had 70 beds, we now have 140 beds and commonly have additional day activities.
    Current arrangements are quite challenging.
    We want to provide a quality dining experience, where young people can eat, feel relaxed and chat about their days adventures.
    Changes will include proving a modern hot and cold servery, which will be much more open and more inviting.
  •  Support our Ashton Youth and Community work
    Lindley have work in St. Peters ward in Ashton under Lyme for over 10 years. We run a very active and vibrant youth and community project.
    Each week we work with over 100 young people through our youth clubs.Examples of our activities include; 
  • Friday night football, each week over 70 young people gather at Curzon Ashton football club and enjoy a football and fitness training.
    It’s much more than football…..we do Friday nights as this was the evening that the police identified as the time when youth anti-social behaviour is most likely.
    Young people work as teams and develop skills and fitness, they make new friends
    Women and girls group, isolation and lack of confidence is a real problem within the Asian community. This group focuses on building confidence, helping girls and women make new friends and gives them the opportunity to engage in a range of sports , outdoor activities and cultural activities.

Rock Climbing, we provide young people with opportunities to regularly visit climbing walls and crags. Our emphasis is on them gaining skills, growing confidence and working together positively.

 There is so much more we can do to help this highly deprived urban community. For example;

  •  A residential weekend for 20 young people costs around £4,000. Young people in this community have very little opportunity to travel and be away from their families. We provide around 8 residential events every year.
    They gain so much from residential activity trips and they are always keen to do more.
  • Lindley are one of the few organisations that provide youth clubs in Tameside and we currently run 4 sessions every week. Lindley would like to provide youth provision 7 nights a week.

Running an additional youth club session for a whole year costs £7,500.

We would like to thank our current supporters who include:

Garfield Weston Foundation Open Gate Trust Derbyshire Freemasons
Children in Need The Rank Foundation Lottery Awards for All
Greater Manchester Police Sprayway Active Communities
Percy Bilton Charity Hedley foundation Middlesex Sports Foundation
Deus Laudamus Trust Bruce Wake Charity Neighbourhood funding 
Tameside Cash for Kids Bernard Sunley Charitable Trust  

Plus many more additional organisations and individuals.