When working with young / persons diagnosed on the autistic spectrum it seems inevitable that at some point a virtual ‘brick wall’ will be met.  Inertia in autism can be difficult to manage and when management seems to fail violence can often be the consequence especially when the person also has significant learning needs. 

I developed my understanding of this when working with parents attending the ‘Advocates for ADHD and Autism’ support groups.  This workshop will consider the neurological basis of inertia in autism and the theoretical basis of transitional phenomena before trying out some coaching techniques in twos/threes role plays.

Bio:  Since before retiring in 2014 (48 years working in the Royal Navy, as a buyer, as a psychiatric nurse and social worker) David Steare has been working occasionally as a freelancer in the outdoors, mostly in the corporate sector.  David facilitates the ‘Advocates for ADHD and Autism (Derby)’ group on a voluntary basis (please like our Facebook page!)  David is also an unpaid regional organiser for the East Midlands branch of the ‘European Mentoring & Coaching Council’ and a member of ‘Systems Consulting in Organisations’.