We work with a number of Colleges and Universities providing an experiential learning element to supplement academic study. These custom designed programmes with practical outdoor tasks put theory into practice. 

Even before your students enroll we offer flexible experience giving a taste of working with new people in the outdoors as a method to support your recruitment teams.

Learning and development takes place in a safe environment where people can develop teamwork skills, try different leadership styles, learn to plan complex tasks in a safe environment where trial and error is encouraged and ‘mistakes’ have limited consequences.

Our programmes use reflective practice to identify learning.  Throughout the programme reviewing and implementing learning is a key feature.

Working with you we can develop detailed bespoke programmes (such as this university example) 

  • To include specific learning objectives and outcomes.
  • Work to specific competencies
  • Integrate in to a programme of study
  • Form a set element of a degree or diploma
  • Including post programme assessment

Or, if you are simply looking for a fun adventurous activity day we can do that too!

As a visit organiser we will guide you through the booking process to ensure your visit happens without any issues.