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Values & Foundation

Our Values connect the original Christian foundation of the Trust and its governing Board, to the work done by our wonderfully talented and diverse team. We hope that all who work with us are able to share these Values.

Our Values are:

  • The provision of inspiring experiences which renew the life of the individual
  • Affirming the value and potential of every individual
  • Raising the aspirations of young people
  • The conscious aim to direct our service towards the most vulnerable members of society
  • Demonstrating and promoting the values which lead to team work
  • The provision of centres that promote excellence in the field of outdoor education
  • Our care for and celebration of the environment

Our Values guide us in making decisions on priorities and approaches to working with young people. They translate the Christian beliefs of the Trust’s Board into something all members of the Lindley team sign up to, regardless of faith and embody the spirit of the organisation that so many who work with us comment upon.

If you wish to know more about why these are our values contact us.

Aims & Vision




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